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Cryptocurrency trading tips:

Better to create accounts on various exchanges, because not all coins listed at one exchange, also for arbitrage trick this may be needed at any time. We posted below some much popular exchanges - but in fact there are many more.

Arbitrage trading. There are cases when price of whatever coin at one exchange is much higher then at all others exchange platforms, and you can transfer your funds between those platforms for earning good profit. But usually exchanges blocking this opportunity to prevent their loss. Deposit/withdrawal issue? Are they kidding us? So often it is simply impossible to do arbitrage trading.

HODL. HOLDING your coins - wait for profit or prevent loss - is one of the main types of earnings in cryptocurrency trading. Be patient.

Pump&Dump. Pumping method is using by large number of participants in purchasing exactly token which chosen by pumpers. So, if some coin's price was 100satoshi, after pump price could increase to 200satoshi, and it will be 100% of your profit. But, it always could be risk that pump session ain't end well and you will loose your coins(usually btc). It's risky method, you should try it, to get some btc and then invest like a pro. Also be aware of pre-Pump. Pre-pump is when some people buy some tokens on exchange before this pump will be announce to another auditory. And when you are joining pre-pump session, you are seeing that coin's price has been already increased on 30%-50% - in this session you won't get any profit, and probably loose part of your coins, because this fraud group used you. So, please work only with trusted channels(or groups).

Where to start trading


Here you can find some coins that you you could arbitrage trade on another platforms, but usually they are blocking this oportunity. US-based exchange.


US-based cryptocurrency exchange. Good service as it possible on current situation with the influx of new users.


The world largest exchange after Coinbase, super secured project with lowest commissions in the industry. Using Amazon Web Services. Operated outside the China.

More 3 exchanges


Hong-Kong based exchange. Has many withdrawal/deposit issues to prevent arbitrage trading(but usually users get their pending transactions even if they wait 2-3 weeks)


This is new cryptocurrency exchange will started work on the first half of March, but it already has more than 700k registered accounts.


The most beloved exchange for pumping coins. Not leading cryptos exchange.