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Cryptocurrency trading tips:

Why you should use our cryptotrading channel? It's simply, just check our signals when to buy some altcoins and then wait for our signal to sell it in profit - that's is the main rule for cryptotrader.

You can find many useful info about cryptotrade because we are analyzing, researching and always learning about cryptocurrency trading process. And you can do it with us. Check market condition everyday in our Telegram channel.

Better to create accounts on various exchanges - this would open to you more opportunities for profitable cryptotrading. We've posted below some much popular exchanges - but in fact there are many more.

HODL. HOLDING your coins and wait for profit - is one of the main types of earnings in cryptocurrency trading. Be patient.

Bitconsul team doesn't support pumps.

Where to start trading


Here you can find some coins that you you could arbitrage trade on another platforms, but usually they are blocking this oportunity. US-based exchange.


US-based cryptocurrency exchange. Good service as it possible on current situation with the influx of new users.


The world largest exchange after Coinbase, super secured project with lowest commissions in the industry. Using Amazon Web Services. Operated outside the China.

More 3 exchanges


Hong-Kong based exchange. Has many withdrawal/deposit issues to prevent arbitrage trading(but usually users get their pending transactions even if they wait 2-3 weeks)


This is new cryptocurrency exchange will started work on the first half of March, but it already has more than 700k registered accounts.


The most beloved exchange for pumping coins. Not leading cryptos exchange.