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What exactly can you do?

Our service provides help to English-speaking people (and not only, we could always use any translate app) with bitcoins (or any else cryptocurrencies) exchange to Ukrainian Hryvnias (UAH) in Kyiv. But that's not all. We'll help with any info that you'll need in Kyiv, like where to go tonight, which transport you should use to get somewhere, see some sights as architecture, museums, parks etc, or even to book a taxi for you(of course if you haven't UBER App on your smartphone:)

Can I find out where to exchange another cryptocurrencies in Kyiv?

Yep! Our employees will help you with information about exchanging altcoins (Alternate cryptocurrencies as DASH, Litecoin, Ethereum etc) which you need. For free!

What is the commission?

It's fully free, because we could only give you advise where in Kyiv you can exchange cryptos.

Okay, I'm in Kyiv, finally I have UAH cash - where can I spend it? I don't know where to go in this city, help me please.

Check out our instagram to see nice sights, bars, restaurants, ho(s)tels, cafes, monuments, clubs in Kyiv(addresses included to all posts). We are constantly working on adding new content to our Instagram page and if you won't find info that you need - please feel free to contact us with any platform, it's fully free!

Any other support? Help for tourists?

Of course. Never give up and contact us. There is always a way out.